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How Hugo works

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  • Buy days, weeks, or months of insurance
  • Use the days when you drive, save them when you don’t
  • Refill at any time
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What Hugo drivers say

Profile picture of Tracy T

Hugo allowed me to pay for car insurance without going into debt.

Tracy T
Inglewood, CA
Profile picture of Roberto P

Hugo helped me insure a car that I rarely used and saved me money in the process.

Roberto P
Maywood, CA
Profile picture of Amber Y

Using Hugo was a great experience. Very convenient and easy to use. Perfect for driver’s on a budget!

Amber Y
Moreno Valley, CA
Profile picture of Abbie H

Paying for insurance by the day finally made insurance affordable.

Abbie H
Elk Grove, CA
Profile picture of Danielle S

Since I’m pregnant and a stay at home mom, saving money is a priority for emergencies.

Danielle S
Palmdale, CA
Profile picture of Brandy M

Hugo wasn't as intimidating as more known insurance companies.

Brandy M
Stockton, CA

Car insurance shouldn’t cost a fortune

Join Hugo and only pay for insurance on days you drive